Oxygen Treatments

Breathing air contains around 21% oxygen. Oxygen plays an important role in your energy levels. If your cells receive too little oxygen, they produce less energy. If your cells need more energy, they use more oxygen. To help maintain good health, target oxygen saturation levels should be between 96% and 100%. Levels lower than this can lead to headaches, shortness of breath, rapid breathing and heart rate, chest pain, and more. But our oxygen bar can help maintain optimal oxygen saturation levels in a natural way. By using a proprietary system that filters out unnecessary atmospheric gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide, oxygen bars deliver concentrated oxygen at a rate of up to 95%. So when using an oxygen bar, your body becomes saturated with oxygen that is purer than breathing air.


First Time Trial
1 person:  $30
2 person:  $50

4 Treatment: $160
8 Treatments: $280
12 Treatments: $360
*Add-on Guest:  $25

All of our Oxygen packages are designed for sharing, as our rooms are private and can accommodate a maximum of two individuals. You and a companion can enjoy the benefits of our Oxygen treatments together in the comfort of your own private space. O2 Memberships available as well.

All purchases are non-refundable.

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4x/month - $140 | 8x/month - $240 | 12x/month - $300
*Add-on Guest: $25

**3 month minimum**

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