FIT Booster Spray

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Accelerate your results not just during a FIT Bodywrap session, but also during your workout, sauna session or red light therapy.

When applied just before an infrared immersion session, FIT Booster will enhance results by creating a barrier on the skin that makes the body work harder to sweat, thus burning more calories.

This 360° spray is a scientifically formulated to fight cellulite, and fine lines and wrinkles. Its potent ingredients help to enhance microcirculation, reduce cellulite, stimulate the breakdown of fat, inhibit the accumulation of new fat and activate skin detoxification.

This moisture intensive solution will also help tighten and tone for firmer skin. It will leave skin feeling incredibly soft and silky.
The fragrance is light and clean. It has fresh notes of melon and citrus, finished with a warm, woodsy undertone.

*We are not currently shipping, but this product is available for pickup at the spa



The Cocoon Fitness Pod is coming to Skin Tight!  Just another way we’re going to be able to help you live well!  Stay tuned for more information!