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Nadim Andel is a laser clinician in Pittsford, NY. She graduated from the University of Rochester with a B.A in Linguistics. Prior to becoming a certified laser clinician from YoloMedical, she was an independent court and medical interpreter. Additionally, she has provided translation services to companies throughout the world. For your convenience, she speaks 4 languages fluently: German, French, Farsi and English. Nadim is German and Persian. She was born in Cologne, Germany. She has also lived in Brussels Belgium, Washington DC, Boston, NYC, Hong Kong China, Bankgok Thailand before returning to Rochester, NY area with her husband, Ken Wasnock, and her blended family of 5 children. Nadim has helped hundreds of people lose inches!


The mission of Skin Tight Body Contouring is to assist clients in their efforts to reduce that unwanted fat that can be so difficult to lose in certain areas of the body. Whether it be due to genetics, lifestyle, time constraints or whatever….WE CAN HELP. Our patented and FDA approved system has allowed us to achieve amazing results for our clients in less time and less cost than other service providers. We can do the same for YOU!

By using patented FDA approved non-invasive laser technology combined with whole body vibration, we can help you spot-reduce unwanted fat on the waist, abdomen, back, legs and arms. No surgery, No pain, No downtime.

*Individual results may vary.


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