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New to Lipo Laser or FIT Body Wrap treatments?  Get started today with our Combo Pack!  Available to new customers only, we offer two packages at huge discount so you can try non-invasive inch loss and see if its right for you!

No Surgery , No Pain, No Downtime

By using patented FDA approved non-invasive lipo technology combined with whole body vibration, we can help you spot-reduce unwanted fat on the waist, abdomen, back, legs and arms.*

*individual results may vary.

Offering two non-invasive inch-loss treatments!

We offer two amazing non-invasive safe method to help you melt away the fat. 

The YOLO Curve Lipo Laser was designed to specifically address body contouring through inch loss. Administered in relaxing 20-minute sessions, the YOLO Curve Lipo Laser provides inch loss, but without the pain, the risks, or the extensive recovery time associated with surgery. 

Our FIT Body Wrap treatments use the infrared band of the light spectrum to penetrate your body safely and effectively to help you lose inches.


The Cocoon Fitness Pod is coming to Skin Tight!  Just another way we’re going to be able to help you live well!  Stay tuned for more information!